Aston Martin Sequential Tail Lights

Aston Martin modified rear lamps

Fisher Performance Cars sequential tail lights fit all Aston Martin Vantage,Rapide, DB9, DBS and Virage cars from 2005 to 2017.
These lights are designed and custom made in house in the UK to the highest standard. The lighting is provided exclusively by Osram automotive optoelectronics specifically made for use in vehicle lighting which ensures you get years of trouble free service.

This product is a service in which we remove all the internal components from your OEM lights and replace them with our intelligent lighting system. Only the outer case and reflectors are retained. All other parts are replaced with ‘fit for purpose’ components. It doesn’t matter if your lights are leaking and do not work, as long as the casing is in good condition, we will be able to make them work. This includes resealing properly and fitting Goretex® breathing membranes to combat moisture and condensation. Best of all, your lights will benefit from a warranty covering our work for a year

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