University of Le Mans – Technical Bachelor in Racing Cars : Design and Development

Fisher Performance

Guillaume Degayardon 845x321 - Fisher Performance Cars

Late last year Fisher Performance Cars were approached by Le Mans university to assist in their internship. Guillaume de Gayardon (Will) spent the whole of November with the Fisher Group living in rented accommodation in Kidderminster. His prime objective was to help with communication and to experience a retail business outside the motor sport sector.

Guillaume worked with nearly every model of Aston Martin from a DB6 up to a new Vantage, he also spent time with our restoration workshop. At such a young age his professionalism and work ethic are a credit to him, the university and group Oreca motorsport company.

It’s a breath of fresh air to see a young technician, live in a different country and work outside his comfort zone and still show commitment and interest in our business and the Aston Martin Marque. We would like to wish Guillaume every success in his career and thank him for all his hard work.

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