Performance Vehicle Servicing

With our vast experience with Aston Martin and performance cars we can offer the best alternative to main dealers. We are experts at all aspects of repairs and servicing including: timing cover gaskets replacement, engine rebuilds, clutch replacements, Vanquish gearbox set up, Gearbox service kits. We have all the equipment and diagnostics to care for your prestige vehicle.

Our team has come across every issue imaginable over the years and are fully trained up to current models, we have serviced and maintained every model of Aston Martin including: DB4, DB5, DB6, DB7, Vanquish, V8 Vantage, Virage, Early and late DBS, DB9 and even DB11.

We have all the special tooling, engine cradles and diagnostics needed to carry out every repair on most performance vehicles, with our labour rate only £80 + VAT per hour which could lower the costs by thousands of pounds on the bigger jobs. We offer all the services as the main dealers, carried out by fully trained technicians. We only use Aston Martin genuine parts and unlike most specialist out there we only Castrol oils.

We have joined forces with ZF and now offer a full gearbox service kit for DB9. This kit includes the sump, filter, new bolts and oil. ZF recommend their gearboxes should be serviced every 60000 miles but it’s not in Aston Martin’s service schedule. This service can bring a new lease of life into your DB9 improving gear change / driveability and resale valve saving expensive repair bills.

We also offer a wide range of DAB radio upgrades, reverse parking cameras, Sat Nav updates, Bluetooth upgrades, and Tracker systems.
We have worked closely with our trimmer who has over 50 years’ experience with Aston Martin, Jaguar, Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls Royce and Porsche. Whether it’s a slight scuff or full re-trim we can offer a very competitive quote.

The Fisher Group is fully self-contained; we have a MOT station, Restoration Company, body shop, commercial body shop and a langonda specialist. We are confident we can take care of all your automobile requirements.

Featured Services


Fisher Performance Cars sequential tail lights fit all Aston Martin Vantage,Rapide, DB9, DBS and Virage cars from 2005 to 2017.
These lights are designed and custom made in house in the UK to the highest standard. The lighting is provided exclusively by Osram automotive optoelectronics specifically made for use in vehicle lighting which ensures you get years of trouble free service.

This product is a service in which we remove all the internal components from your OEM lights and replace them with our intelligent lighting system. Only the outer case and reflectors are retained. All other parts are replaced with ‘fit for purpose’ components. It doesn’t matter if your lights are leaking and do not work, as long as the casing is in good condition, we will be able to make them work. This includes resealing properly and fitting Goretex® breathing membranes to combat moisture and condensation. Best of all, your lights will benefit from a warranty covering our work for a year

Please contact Mike for any more information 01299 251 444 or


More than 200 digital stations, this option is controlled on your existing radio display and operates with a small screen antenna.


As every Aston Martin owner knows the existing Sat Nav is antiquated. We offer custom built systems from Garmin to Google maps options.


Designed for an even sportier drive, the AMR Performance Clutch has been developed to deliver quicker transition through gears, increased torque capacity and a lighter clutch feel. Available for all V8 and V8 Vantage S manual models, the AMR Performance Clutch offers an exciting upgrade option that brings a new dimension of race-inspired dynamism and performance.


Inspired by the design of the flywheel from the GT4 race car, the lightweight flywheel has been machined from through-hardened EN24T alloy steel, ensuring incredible tensile strength and toughness.

A reduction in the flywheel weight reduces inertia, giving an enhancement in responsive feel to the powertrain. This reduced inertia also works to make the system more reactive to changes in rotational speed, resulting in a smoother, lighter feeling through the gear gate.


In addition to the lightweight flywheel, the AMR Performance Clutch is made up of a high-performance twin plate clutch with a significant increase in friction material surface area when compared to the standard clutch. This can help to enhance clutch life as well as torque capacity.

The twin plate clutch mass more focussed towards centre of flywheel, which is a contributing factor in delivering the significantly improved responsiveness. Finally, the reduction in clamping pressure decreases the clutch pedal weight, making it an easier and more enjoyable to drive even in heavy traffic


The full length Titanium Exhaust system is newly available as an AMR Accessory for Vantage. With a weight saving of approximately 14kg when compared to the standard V12 Vantage S and 10kg when compared to Vantage AMR and combined with a significantly enhanced sound note, this upgrade truly accentuates the sporting feel.

Available on all V8 and V12 Vantage models from 12.25MY. The Titanium Exhaust comes complete with the all new carbon fibre diffuser blade to finish off the sporting aesthetic.


Designed uniquely to colour match the exterior specifications of the five Vantage AMR halo schemes, the AMR Car Covers are the perfect complement. The AMR Car Covers are a fully tailored indoor car cover, in a soft cotton mix with a protective fleece lining. The breathable materials allows moisture to evaporate and the yarn has been dyed to prevent fading. Each car cover is fully washable and comes supplied with a storage bag.

Available in:

Stirling Green with a Lime Accent
Stratus White and Black with a Gulf Orange Accent
Ultramarine Black with an Elwood Blue Accent
Zaffre Blue with a Red Accent
Scintilla Silver with a Ceramic Grey Accent

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Performance Vehicle Repairs

Accidents happen and as part of the Fisher Restoration Group, customers have the full facilities of Fisher Restoration Body Shop Limited (FRB) available to them for all kinds of vehicle repair jobs.

Replacement panels

Replacement panels are readily available to us from all major manufacturers. However, if you do not wish to replace the panel, FRB should be able to repair it.


At FRB we have two 60’ heated spray ovens and a conventional 28’ heated oven. We believe that there is no paint job we cannot undertake. From a scratched wing mirror, car colour change, up to a full re-paint of a 40’ articulated truck and trailer.


From cutting out corrosion and welding a repair section and more. Steel, aluminium, brass or stainless steel. We have the facilities in-house to help. Contact us for a quote.