GEN-3 Glasscoat Paint Protection

Fisher Performance

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Fisher Performance Cars have joined forces with GEN-3 Paint protection.

Paintseal Europe Limited the owners of it’s market leading GEN-3 Glasscoat ‘The World’s Greatest Vehicle Exterior Paint Protection’. Approved by 17 motor manufacturers (OEM’s) throughout the UK and across Europe, also tested and approved by Boeing (makers of Space Shuttle) and the leading hyper-car manufacturer Koenigsegg, So when you’re looking for the best Exterior protection for your car you’ve found the right place! This site will give you lots of information, which will help you make an informed decision, when choosing the best exterior, and interior protection for your car.

GEN-3 Glasscoat is a our latest complex formula which is liquid glass that when professionally applied bonds to your car’s paint surface and forms a hardened Ceramic glass finish. It is one of many innovative and technically superior products supplied by Paintseal Europe Limited. The advanced NASA designed technology formulation ensures that dirt and grime are easily removed from painted surfaces. The hydrophobic action is demonstrated by the way it repels liquids and it’s extremely resilient to all kinds of environmental pollutants. GEN-3 Glasscoat has exceptional resistance to the effects of car washes, solvents and animal matter. Keeping you car looking newer for longer without the need of waxes and polishers.

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